A SellerLegend Beginners Guide – Recommended First Steps

Welcome On Board!

You have just received the email that says your onboarding is completed. Congratulations! So, where to begin?

  • New users are typically impatient to set up their Cost Of Goods (COGS), even before they know their way around the system. So be it, then. You will find all there is to know about cogs here. There’s much to read because we have a very versatile COGS system!
  • Feeling better about seeing the impact of your COGS? Great! And now I bet you wonder ‘Where are my other marketplaces’? Read here to know how to onboard them.
  • Why are you not seeing any PPC data on your dashboards? It is because you need to grant us further permissions for us to be able to get to it. Head this way and read how to give us this permission.
  • Feeling a bit more relaxed? Maybe it is time to read a bit about the basics and get to know your SellerLegend Desktop
  • Now that your other marketplaces have been onboarded I sense you are getting bored with entering COGS, right? Well, I bet you did not read how to upload COGS in bulk then?
  • Are things still not looking right? Make sure you have read What To Expect Just After Onboarding
  • Can’t find your way between marketplaces/accounts? You need to read this article on how to Switch Marketplaces
  • Have a pressing question? Please drop us an email at support@sellerlegend.com or use the in-app SellerLegend support button to communicate with us. And please read our Support Service Level Agreement
  • Wondering where the keyword tracking screens are? Read here why we don’t have any.
  • PPC data ‘incomplete’? Please read the following articles here and here
  • Now, if you are really courageous, you may want to have a look at all the Customizations And Settings possibilities
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