I Have Been Recently Onboarded : Why Is My YTD PPC Data Wrong ?

The Reason Is Simple But Disappointing


  • When your data is onboarded, we collect as much historical data as Amazon allows us
  • Unfortunately, Amazon only allows you to go back 60 days
  • That means that, while your current month (the default calendar setting for the PPC Dashboard) may look OK, you will be disappointed to see that the YTD calendar setting yields much lower values than you would expect
  • Of course, if you were onboarded on the 1st of March (60 days into the current year), even your YTD numbers will be correct
  • However, those numbers will look more and more anemic the later in the year you were onboarded
  • Of course, as SellerLegend keeps accumulating your data going forward, your YTD numbers for next year will be totally correct
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