The Warehouses Inventory Screen

How To Get There

  • From the Main Menu
    • Supply Chain -> Warehouse Inventory
  • From Warehouses List (which is under Supply Chain itself)
    • Click on Actions -> List WH Products
    • This will show all the products assigned to only that specific warehouse

What Is It For?

  • To see all the warehouses defined in the system and all of the products assigned to each warehouse
  • To see all the products assigned to one or more specific warehouses
  • By using the Actions button for a warehouse (see screen print below), you are able to
    • Make inventory adjustments to the warehouse
    • Make inter-warehouse adjustments
    • Transfer from warehouse
    • Unassign products from the warehouse, and
    • Look at the Movements Log
  • To import/export Suppliers & Warehouses and Inventory Adjustment reports. 

Hints and Tips

  • A warehouse bulk upload function is available to load warehouse details from an Excel spreadsheet, please read the Bulk Uploading Warehouses Details article to learn more about it. 

Screen Print


(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Actions Button
    • Click on the Actions button to reveal links to
      • Make Inventory Adjustment in Warehouse
      • Inter Warehouse Adjustment
      • Transfer from Warehouse
      • Unassign Product from this Warehouse
      • Movements Log
  • Product
    • Shows details of the product including (in sequence) Product Image, SKU, ASIN, Internal Name, and Product Title. 
    • Clicking on “Show More…” reveals the rest of the title 
  • Warehouse Name
    • The name of the warehouse
  • Warehouse Code
    • A shortcode/nickname for the warehouse
  • Stock
    • The number of units at the warehouse
  • Region
    • The region the warehouse is located in (e.g. EU, UK, NA, etc)


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