How do I schedule reports to be downloaded periodically?

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  • How do I schedule reports to be downloaded periodically?

What is Report Scheduling?

  • Report scheduling lets you automatically export the same report periodically with the frequency of your choice.
  • You can export reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Pick any day of the week/month and set the time of the day, and SellerLegend will automatically export the report according to the schedule that you have set.
  • For instance, if you want to download Sales Statistics on every Monday, you can set the frequency to Weekly and choose Monday as the day for the report to be downloaded on.

How do I schedule my reports?

  • The option to periodically export reports is available on the Export Settings modal window (the pop-up you see every time you export a report).
  • Go to the screen that you want to export, click on the Download button, and then check the box against “repeat this export periodically?”
  • All settings related to scheduling will appear under the “Export Schedule Settings” section once you’ve selected the option to repeat exports.
  • You can add a custom title to the schedule reports   
  • Now set the Export Frequency to one of Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • If you choose Daily, the option to select a day will disappear and you will only have to select the time and the timezone for the report to be exported on every day.
  • With Weekly, you can select a specific day out of the list from Monday to Sunday, along with the time and timezone.
  • In case of Monthly, you can pick a fixed day of the month from 1 to 31.
  • Once you’ve set the time and timezone, click on Export to download the report right now and also save the schedule.
  • The report will be available on the Exported Reports screen as it is scheduled and you can then download it from there.

Note: We have a set quota that allows you to schedule up to 20 reports. The text in red shows the number of reports you have left.

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