New Connections Screen

  • Amazon is shifting from MWS Access to Seller Partner (SP) API which will allow a better user experience. 

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu:
    • Account Settings –> Account Connections

What is it for?

  • To make the connection between Seller Legend and Seller Central more secure.
  • The user will not be asked to copy sensitive information from Seller Central onto Seller Legend.
  • The SP API will redirect the users to Seller Central for authentication. 
  • The connection will be made automatically between Seller Legend and Seller Central.
  • More information is expected to be provided by Amazon through the SP API. 

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Add New Account

  • The button Add New Connection at the top right corner will allow the user to add a new account. 
  • Clicking on the said button will redirect you to a new screen where you will be asked to enter the name and select the marketplace from the drop-down menu.

  • Clicking on the create button will add the account to the list
  • SellerLegend also offers a major convenience for users operating in multiple marketplaces by letting them onboard marketplaces from all Amazon regions using a single Seller ID.


  • Account
    • The accounts are grouped based on the Seller ID and Region
    • The Seller ID and the Region will always be a unique combination
  • MWS Authentication Token
    • The MWS authentication token is mentioned here along with the date it was last updated on
  • Selling Partner
    • All the marketplaces for the specific account will be shown under this field
    • Onboarded marketplaces are shown in bold
    • Pending denotes that the marketplace is not onboarded to Seller Legend
    • To onboard these accounts please click on the Continue button, a pop-up screen will show up as shown below

    • You can then choose the marketplace to onboard onto Seller Legend and click on the Start Now button.
    • Only those marketplaces will be shown in the pop up which are supported by Seller Legend
    • When all accounts are onboarded, the status of onboarding will change from continuing to started


  • PPC
    • All the marketplaces having PPC will be shown here
    • Marketplaces for which the PPC has been connected will be shown in bold letters
    • Pending denotes that the PPC for the marketplace has not been connected. 
    • To connect the PPC for these accounts please click on the Continue button, and a pop-up screen will show up. 
    • You can then choose the Marketplace for which you want to connect the PPC for.


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