The User Roles Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu: 
    • Settings –> User Roles

What is it for?

  • To create roles that can later be assigned to your guests
  • To pre-set default permissions for all of the roles
    • This should save you the work of assigning the same permissions for multiple guest users if they all have the same role

Hints And Tips!

  • The features and marketplaces accessible to a guest user are a union of the accessible features/marketplaces assigned to the guest and features/marketplaces assigned to the role itself.
    • That is, if the role itself has access to one marketplace and the guest user (being assigned to that role) has access to two other marketplaces, that guest will have access to three total marketplaces. Same applies to accessible features.
  • If most of your guests will have access to the same marketplaces and features, you can simply assign them one of the roles that suits them and all of the role’s permissions and features will apply for those guests.
    • Out of those guests if only a few will need additional permissions, you can edit those specific guests manually from the Guest Access settings screen.
    • Note: You can only select additional permissions from the Guest Access screen, but you cannot delete ones assigned to the role itself from there. We suggest that you create multiple roles with a varying number of permissions so you can assign one with the required permissions and edit the guest directly on top of that.

Screen Print


  • The User Roles Screen 
    • + Add User Role button
      • At the top right, next to the download button
      •  Clicking on the + Add User Role button allows the addition of a new User Role through the Add User Role modal window
    • The Add User Role window
      • Simply add the name of the role in the “Role Name” field and click Save to add a new role. (Permissions are added later)
    • This screen shows a row for each user role you have added
      • A drop-button that allows access to the following functions:
        • Edit User Role, it lets you change the name of the role
        • Accessible Features, it takes you to the Accessible Features screen where you can select the features accessible to the user role
        • Marketplaces/Groups/Users, which takes you to the Accessible Marketplaces/Groups screen where you can assign marketplaces, account groups, and guest users to the role
        • Remote All MPs/Groups/Users, which lets you strip the role of all the assigned marketplaces, groups, and guest users.
        • Delete User Role, which lets you delete the role entirely.
      • Role Name
        • The name of each User Role
      • Marketplaces/Groups
        • The number of marketplaces and groups assigned to the role
      • Users
        • The number of guest users assigned to the role
  • The Accessible Features Screen
    • Tick any screen/feature or group of features you want to allow access to
    • Un-tick any feature or group of features you want to deny access to
    • Note that you can deny access to a group of features like for example disallow access to all the Widgets in the Dashboard, by just unticking the group Widgets
    • Click on + to expand the features under the category so you can select individual features.
  • The Accessible Marketplaces/Groups Screen
      • Tick any marketplaces and groups you’d want to grant access to, leave the ones you want to restrict un-ticked
      • Tick Select All Marketplaces Groups, and Guests to select all marketplaces, account groups, and guests.
      • Tick Select All Marketplaces  to select all marketplaces
      • Tick Select All Groups to select all  groups
      • Tick Select All Guest Users to select all the guest users
      • Click Save, once done.
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