The Guest Access Settings Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu: 
    • Settings –> Guest Access

What is it for?

  • To grant access to your SellerLegend accounts to a staff member, a business partner, a VA, or an accountant
  • To restrict the activities that a guest is able to perform while logged into SellerLegend
  • To define User Roles that would let the user assign the same permissions for multiple guest users if they all have the same role

Hints And Tips!

  • This function is a suite of two screens
    • Guest List/Selection screen (will be empty if no guests have been defined yet)
    • Permissions Edit screen.
  • Restrictions are based on Screen Level only.
  • Once a guest is created, the first login credentials details are sent to their email.
  • Make sure to ask the guest to check the spam folder if they complain that they haven’t received any email.
  • You can give the guest user administrative access as well.
    • The administrative access will override all settings giving complete access to the guest user.
    • The guest user with administrative access will have all the access a parent/admin account has.
    • The user will be able to revoke and give access to other users as well.
    • The user will be able to add new guest users.

Screen Print


  • The Guest List/Selection Screen 
    • + Button
      • At the top right, next to the download button
      •  Clicking on the + button allows the addition of a new Guest and takes you to the Add Guest Member screen (see below)
    • This screen shows a row for each guest you have granted access to
      • Name
        • The names of the guests you already have granted access to
      • Email
        • The email address of the guests you have granted access to
      • Active
        • Whether the guest is active or inactive (yes or no)
      • Marketplace/Groups
        • Shows the number of marketplaces or groups assigned to the guest user
      • Roles
        • Shows roles assigned to the guest user
      • Last Updated
        • The last update the admin made for the guest
      • Deleted At
        • When the guest was deleted
      • Actions
        • A drop-down button that allows access to the following functions:
          • Edit Guest, which takes you to the Edit profile screen where you can edit the Name and Email of the guest
          • Accessible Features, which lets you give the guest access to the screens and features of your choice
          • Marketplaces/Groups/Roles, which lets you choose the marketplaces, groups, and roles to give access to
          • Remove All MPs/Groups/Roles, which lets you strip off guest access to all marketplaces
    • When a new Guest is created, an email is sent to the guest at the guest’s email address
    • The email will contain a link to log into SellerLegend
    • On the first login, the Guest will be required to change his password before proceeding any further
    • Upon changing the password, the Guest will have access to the SellerLegend account through his own credentials and will be limited to perform only the permitted SellerLegend functions
  • The Add Guest Member Screen
    • Enter the name and the email of the new guest.
    • Click Save, an email will be sent to the entered address.
  • The Accessible Marketplaces/Groups Screen
    • Tick any marketplaces and groups you’d want to grant access to, leave the ones you want to restrict un-ticked
    • Tick Select All Marketplaces and Groups to select all marketplaces and groups
    • Tick Select All Marketplaces  to select all marketplaces
    • Tick Select All  Groups to select all  groups
    • Click Save, once done.
  • The Accessible Features Screen

    • Tick any function or group of functions you want to allow access to
    • Un-tick any function or group of functions you want to deny access to
    • Note that you can deny access to a group of functions like for example disallow access to all the Widgets in the Dashboard, by just unticking the group Widgets
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