How Do I Reauthorize/Reconnect SellerLegend to access Brand Analytics

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Why do I need to reconnect?

  • So far we had been using a Chrome browser extension to manually screen-scrape sessions data from Seller Central.
  • From now on, we’ll automatically download the new Sales and Traffic Seller Central report daily instead, without needing your intervention.
  • To be able to do so, we require your accounts to be authorized to access Brand Analytics reporting. Newly onboarded or recently re-authorized accounts¬†are ready to go without further action. Older accounts that have not recently been reauthorized will need a one-time re-authorization.

How do I reconnect?

  • Click here to check your account’s authorization status.
  • If the Brand Analytics Access column shows ‘Yes’, no action is required and you’re good to go.
  • If it says ‘No” under Brand Analytics Access column, please click on the adjacent ‘Reconnect Seller Central’ button under the Actions column.
    • You will be redirected to Seller Central where you have to permit the connection.
    • After clicking the submit/connect/authorize button from within the Seller Central, Amazon will redirect you to SellerLegend, where we complete the authentication process.
    • Then you’ll be redirected to connections screen with the updated status (‘Yes’).
    • However if you see that the account’s status has still not updated on the Account Status screen, you can click on “Check Now If connected” to see if the status updates.
  • If reconnection is successful, account status will update once you click on the “Check Now…” button.
  • You may have to click on “Check Now” button for all accounts to confirm and update their status.
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