How Do I Check My Onboarding Progress?

  • Are you worried the onboarding process is stuck? Do you think it’s too slow?
  • Onboarding is a complicated process where we import data from your Seller Central account into SellerLegend.
  • The onboarding process is performed twice, once in the trial, where we import 3 months of data (Trial Onboarding), and once when you’re a paid member where we import 18 months of data (Full Onboarding).
  • Going forward as a paid member all new marketplaces are fully onboarded and you’re free to add as many as you want as long as they belong to you.
  • Seller Central account sizes vary. The bigger the account, the more time it’ll take to onboard all the data.
  • It can take anywhere between 24-72 hours, and even more for bigger accounts.
  • Rarely, do issues arise during the onboarding process, causing it to stall.
  • However, SellerLegend doesn’t begin the 21-day trial period until after Trial Onboarding is completed.
  • Keeping all that in mind, let’s look at how you can see your onboarding progress.

Checking Onboarding Progress

  • It is possible to check your onboarding progress using the Connections option given under the Account Settings section in the Main Menu.
  • On the Connections screen, click on the arrow next to the marketplace you want to check the onboarding status for.
  • A popup window will appear on the right where you will be able to see the onboarding progress for the marketplace for each individual element.

Hints And Tips

  • Hovering over the i beside the stage names gives you more information about that stage.
  • There are two tabs: Trial Onboarding and Full Onboarding.
    • You may check the progress in either tab depending on which onboarding process is running at the time.
  • IMPORTANT: Please do note that SellerLegend does not control the onboarding speed. This is dictated by Amazon which sets specific speed limits. Large Accounts can take more than the average time to onboard.
  • IMPORTANT: We do not know how long an account will take to fully onboard because Amazon does not tell us how big the account is. We only know it is finished when Amazon tells us there is no more data to download.
  • You will receive two emails upon completion of your onboarding:
    • Once when we onboard 3 months of your past data. (Trail member)

    • Once when you onboard 1.5 years of your past data. (Full member)


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