How Do I Select / Change / Switch Marketplaces ?

Switching Marketplaces/Groups

  • Click in the Dashboard Screen (Menu -> Dashboard), locate the Marketplace/Group selector at the top left, under the label “Select Marketplace/Group.”

  •  A selection of available marketplaces/groups will be presented to you in a separate panel, like below.

  • In the panel, Groups (if any are defined) can be distinguished from Marketplaces, as they have a link to edit the group details below the group name.
  • Select either a group or a marketplace to display.
  • The screen will refresh and will reflect the data of the selected Group or Marketplace, expressed in its assigned default currency.
  • For Marketplaces, the default currency is the marketplace’s native currency (I.e., GBP for the UK, USD for the US, etc.). While the marketplace’s default currency is automatically assigned, it can be changed “in-flight” when viewing any screen for the marketplace
  • For Groups, the user assigns the default currency upon creation of the group
  • If the default currency assigned to the group or the native Marketplace currency is not the desired one,  you can:
    • Either temporarily change it through the Currency Selector (to the right of the Marketplace selector, under the label “Select Currency”), OR
    • For a group, edit the group definition and permanently assign your desired currency to the group

Introducing The Universal Account/Marketplace/Group Switcher

  • Thanks to the introduction of Foreign Currency Rates, as of June 1st, 2020, moving from one marketplace/account to another in SellerLegend is now much easier
  • There is no longer the need to differentiate between a Dashboard Screen or a Table screen, the method of selecting marketplaces is now the same in either case
  • Also, a new Account/Marketplace grouping facility is now available
  • This grouping facility allows marketplaces with different currencies to be grouped, and their combined data will be shown in a currency of your choice, which can be different from any currency of the marketplaces included in the group
  • SellerLegend will automatically convert currencies for you when showing charts or tables for groups of marketplaces
  • Lastly, UI improvements now display the selected marketplace/group in-line at the top of the screen, rather than hidden behind a menu as in our earlier version

Why Combine Marketplaces into Marketplace Groups?

  • To automatically convert all income/expenses across multiple currencies into a single normalized currency of your choice.
    • Say you want to report all worldwide sales as a group and have the results expressed in USD, which is your accounting currency
  • To aggregate a group of marketplaces into sales regions or sales representatives.
    • For example, say you want to break down sales as follows:
      • Revenue/Expenses in North America, including US, CA, MX, with all results shown in USD
      • Revenue/Expenses in  Europe, including DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, UK, with all results shown in GBP
      • Revenue/Expenses in Australasia, including JP and AU, with all results expressed in Japanese Yen
    • Or maybe you have dozens of marketplaces managed in different groups by individual sales reps.
      • Each sales rep can be assigned one or many marketplace groups.
      • Each group would include the set of marketplaces managed by the individual sales manager.
  • To bookmark a set of marketplaces often viewed/managed together.
    • You can also assign a default currency to the marketplace group.
    • Assigning a default currency will avoid the need to repeatedly having to select the currency you want your data shown in

Hints & Tips

  • Groups and individual marketplaces share the same unique marketplace switcher.
  • A group behaves like a super-marketplace
  • Groups are not available on the product dashboard, as the widgets in that dashboard are SKU-specific and it would be nonsensical to aggregate those
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