At What Time Of The Day Will My PPC Costs Be Reflected

Are You Impatient To See Your PPC Costs ASAP?

  • PPC data is not available for today’s date, as Amazon is still in the process of collecting it and only makes it available the next day
  • We download the PPC data at the same time every day.
  • At the time when we download the data, Amazon may have made the data available or they may have been delayed. So you are not guaranteed that the PPC figures will be inclusive of yesterday’s data.
  • To maximize the chances of obtaining yesterday’s data, we only begin data collection at 5 PM UTC, which is 9 AM PST (US West Coast) for US marketplaces and 10 AM UTC (London time) for EU marketplaces.
  • Here’s then how we get yesterday’s PPC data and how long it takes to process:
    • We request 2 reports per hour, and on every day we have to request 14 reports per marketplace, 7 each for Keyword Ads and Product Ads. So it takes 7-8 hours to complete the data collection process.
    • So you should expect to see PPC Costs reflected in dashboards by about 5 PM PST for US marketplaces and 6 PM UTC for EU marketplaces
  • Bear in mind that yesterday’s data is incomplete and non-adjusted, as Amazon will then spend up to the next 7 days retrospectively adjusting yesterday’s data for click fraud, any effect on your account due to their testing of their own PPC platform, items which were left in baskets and numerous other internal events.
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