The Customer Segmentation Settings Panel

How To Get Here?

  • From the Main Dashboard: Scroll down until you see the Customer Segmentation Widget.
  • Then click on Segmentation Rules.

What is it for ?

  • Customer Segmentation is a way to assign customers to a named performance tier, based on the specific sales behavior of the customer
  • You can, for example, group your customers into different tiers, like Platinum, Gold, Silver …
  • The assignment of a customer to a specific tier will be performed automatically by SellerLegend, based on the customer’s sales performance
  • You can name the individual tiers (segment) to your own liking
  • You can assign different individual tiers (segments) per marketplace
  • You can define the financial or units amounts that bind a customer to a specific tier (segment)
  • Once the segmentation rules are defined, SellerLegend automatically maintains the segments as customers place more orders

Where Can I See The Outcome Of Customer Segmentation?

  • In the Customer Segmentation Widget of the main Marketplace Dashboard
    • The widget shows a pie chart with the proportion of each customer segment for the chosen Marketplace
  • In the Customers List Screen
    • The column Tier shows the segment the customer belongs to
  • In the Order Modal Screen, when you click on any Order number
    • There is a Tier field in the Customer Details section of the modal which shows the segment the customer belongs to

Screen Print



(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Choose Your Marketplace Account
    • Select the marketplace whose customers you want to segment into tiers
    • You can have a different set of segmentation rules per marketplace
  • Threshold Type
    • Chose how you wish to measure customer sales performance to assign the customer to a tier
    • Your choices are
      • By Number Of Orders
      • By Number Of Units
      • By Total Customer Profit
      • By Total Customer Revenue
  • Tier Name and Threshold
    • Define and name up to 10 different tiers for each marketplace
    • The Tier Name can be anything you wish
    • The Threshold is the number of orders|units or amount of profit|revenue which the customer needs to accumulate to belong to the specific tier
    • The customer is assigned to the Tier Name when he/she exceeds the number/amount specified in Threshold
    • In the screenshot above, the customer will be assigned to the Platinum tier is he/she exceeds $200.00 in total profit (assuming this is defined for a US marketplace)
    • Still, in the example above, the customer will be assigned to the Gold tier if he/she exceeds $100.00 profit, up to $199.99.
    • The best way to define the tiers is to start at the top tier and enter the amount to exceed for the customer to qualify for that tier
    • Next, enter the second highest level and threshold to exceed
    • Thresholds can be negative, so you can also segment customers which have caused you a loss into a separate tier.
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