Improved Usability of Views

  • The Views Manager button has two functionalities,
    • Editing the view settings, and
    • Selecting a view from a list.
  • To choose a view, the user has to click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the button rather than on the center of the button.
  • There was no separation between the two button functions and that would cause confusion for some users.
  • A separation has now been added to make it more obvious that the drop-down arrow actually is a separate button.




Improved Usability When Hiding Product Images

  • Users often want to hide product images on tables
  • This is particularly useful when you want to download tables and wish to avoid Excel being overwhelmed with thousands of product thumbnails
  • Hiding product images is done by unchecking the Product Image entry in the corresponding table’s view
  • The label of the product image was labeled Product, leading users to believe that the column controlled viewing/hiding of the product
  • The label has now been changed to Product (Product Image) to make it clear the image will be hidden and not the product

Bug Fixes

  • Buyer addresses now shown in full
    • Long buyer addresses were being cut off on certain screens.
    • The address now continues on a new line.
  • Shipments sometimes failing to synch
    • For existing shipments, SellerLegend would miss some status updates and received quantities would go out of synch
    • This was due to SL only updating Shipments once a day and Amazon not automatically providing the intra-day updates
    • SL now syncs Shipments twice a day and to catch intra-day movements we also download 2 days worth of back data on each of the update cycles
  • Field label change on the Product Details screen
    • A column title on the Statistics tab on the Product Details modal erroneously displayed ‘Price’ instead of ‘Velocity’ in the label above what was actually velocity.
    • It now reads Velocity and continues to display … velocity.
  • In Stock value in Product Comparative Data Widget not matching In Stock value on the Product Modal Screen
    • The values in the two screen did not match
    • The product modal chart contained the correct value, the widget contained an older value
    • They now both reflect the same value
  • Erroneous behavior of monthly inventory reports downloads
    • In some instances, Amazon is erroneously sending us _DONE_NO_DATA responses for monthly inventory reports.
    • Therefore, monthly valuation data wasn’t available in some accounts for certain months.
    • On debugging the issue, when the same reports were requested again, Amazon suddenly ‘found’ the missing data
    • In the case of a _DONE_NO_DATA return, we now don’t assume there will never be any data and we continue to ask for the empty report anyway
  • Zero In Stock Values on the Inventory Screen
    • For several users, In-Stock would show zero when the downloaded inventory report contained non-zero values
    • That has now been fixed and charts are now showing correct values again
  • Duplicated SKUs in Product List
    • Due to duplicate data in Amazon reports, we were showing the same SKUs more than once in the Product List
    • We are now de-duplicating SKUs when these appear duplicated in the Amazon reports
  • Field label change on the Sales Statistics screen
    • The Gross Sales tile now contains ‘Revenue’ instead of ‘Net Revenue’
    • The meaning of the data has not changed, just the field name was changed for consistency with other screens
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