Enhanced Filters

  • More functionality has been added to the filters on every screen.
  • Each filter box now has a button on the left that allows users to select the method they want to use for filtering.
  • Includes methods such as ‘Contains’, ‘Not Contains’, ‘Is Exactly’, and even Regular Expressions, and much more.
  • The oft-requested negative filters are now also available
  • See the corresponding knowledge base article here


Product Dashboard Search Bar Now Shows Marketplace

  • The search bar on the Product Dashboard did not show the marketplace of the products, and each product would have to be opened first to find that out.
  • Marketplace title is now displayed with the products in the search bar.


Added an Option to “Suppressed Listings” screen

  • A user requested an option to mark items on the Suppressed Listings screen as “Fixed”.
  • This has now been deployed.
  • In the Suppressed Listings screen, click on Actions -> Product Fixed, to mark a product as fixed.


Added a Warning When Adding Zero in COGS

  • The COGS window does not allow entering zero as a value.
  • But upon entering 0, the system did not warn the user. The value just wouldn’t be applied.
  • A warning is now issued in the form of a red border around the box when 0 is entered for COGS.


Information Text Added on the Geo-Tagging Screen

  • The right half of the Geo-Tagging screen is populated by a bar chart, but to do so, the user must click on a slice of the pie chart on the left.
  • Otherwise, the right half remains blank. The user had no way of knowing this.
  • A text note has now been added to let the user know how the bar chart can be viewed.


Bug Fixes


  • Sales Heat Map was not showing anything when displayed By Units.
    • It worked with By Revenue and Profit.
    • It has now been fixed.
  • Show Hidden Filter was not working properly on Products List.
    • It was causing visible products to not show when Show Hidden was set to Yes.
    • They were showing when Show Hidden was set to No.
    • It has now been fixed.
  • The Product Modal Window was showing a duplicate Save button beside the original.
    • It has been removed, and the modal now has only one Save button.
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