Why Are The Prices and Fees Sometimes Incorrect On Pending Orders ?

It’s Not Us, Sir! Honest!


  • Notice that SellerLegend does report on Pending Orders, however…
  • While an order is in Pending state, we do not receive any price, discount values nor fees from Amazon. It is only when the order is Shipped that price and fees first become available from Amazon.
  • SellerLegend attempts to compensate for this lack of data for Pending orders by showing the product price as retrieved from your product listing and the fees as retrieved from your Amazon Product API which gives an estimate of the fees.
  • You can easily distinguish this situation in the Orders screen, as price and fees are shown in italics red for Pending orders, as opposed to normal black for Shipped Orders.
  • There are, however, instances where the Amazon Product API is showing incorrect fees (either too high, too low, or no fees at all) for your product. That is an issue with Amazon, not with SellerLegend.
  • The good news is that when the order is Shipped, Amazon sends us all the financial details and SellerLegend dutifully updates and adjusts the order accordingly.
  • The issue with (sometimes) incorrect fees is a (hopefully temporary) glitch with your SellerCentral Fee Preview Report at a specific point in time. This affects some sellers some of the time.
  • Most of the time, Amazon’s Fee Review report is correct.

Hints & Tips

  • Often, when the Amazon Product API does not return any fee estimate, it is because the product is missing the Item’s Shipping weight in its listing. Amazon, therefore, cannot estimate the FBA fees
  • As we do not get discount amounts while the order is pending, the discount percentage will remain zero until the order is shipped.
    • This may have an effect on the number of promo units reported in the dashboard for recent dates (Today, Yesterday…), as SellerLegend does not use the presence of promo codes to identify whether an item is a promo unit or not. Please refer to this article to understand how we handle promotions.
    • Please note that when the order is shipped, we do then get the discount value, which updates the discount percentage and, if the order items fall within the promo percentage threshold, the promo counts are adequately adjusted.


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