How Do I Define What Constitutes A Promo Order?

Discounts Vs Promotions

  • Many of our subscribers wish to classify minor promotions as mere discounts rather than promotions.
  • So, for example, some sellers will qualify promotions of, say, (an arbitrary) 10% as being Discounts, anything above that they will qualify a Promotions.
  • SellerLegend allows you to make a distinction between promotions and discounts.

Default Vs Product-Specific Discount Percentage

  • SellerLegend will consider a sale as a Promo Sale only when the amount paid by the customer (compared to the product price)  exceeds either the Default Discount Threshold or the Product Discount Threshold (if one exists)
  • Promo orders are calculated by the following formula:

    Promo% ( Discount Amt / Item Price ) >=  Product Discount Threshold if present otherwise use Default Discount Threshold = if true marked as promo unit

  • You can find Default Discount Threshold setting in Miscellaneous Settings (Orders -> Miscellaneous Settings),


  • This threshold relates to the ratio of amount paid by the customer and the product price
  • The Default Discount Threshold field sets a default percentage which applies to all products which do not have a product-specific discount threshold override
  • At the individual product level, there is a setting which allows you to set the Product Discount Threshold between Promotions and Discounts.
    • If a Product Discount Threshold exists for a product, it overrides the Default Discount Threshold
  • The out-of-the-box default threshold in SellerLegend is set at 50%.
  • Please note that the percentages are expressed in decimal notation (i.e. 0.5 equals 50% and 0.4 equals 40%)
  • Please see the following knowledgebase article:

Subscribe And Save Discounts

  • Whether or not Subscribe And Save sales are considered promotions or not will depend on the percentage discount offered and the thresholds set either by default or by product


NOTE: Changes to the discount threshold DO NOT have an effect on Promo Amount field, as that is the sum total of the promotion discount amounts relating to all the units sold, regardless of whether SL considers them promo units or not.

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