How Do I Hide or Un-hide A Product ?

To Hide A Product

  • Go To Products –> Products List
  • Select the product you wish to hide
  • Click on the red Actions button
  • Select Hide Product
  • The product should now no longer show in the Products List

To Un-hide A Hidden Product

  • Go To Products –> Products List
  • Click on the Filters button on the taskbar at the top left of the screen
  • In the Hidden filter drop down box, select Yes
  • Click on the Filter button
  • This will display all the hidden products for the selected marketplaces in the Marketplace Selector (The Amazon icon on the top right of the screen)
  • Find the hidden product you want to unhide
  • Click on the Actions button
  • Select Show Product
  • The product should now show in the Products List

But … I Have 1,000’s Of Products Which I Need To Hide

  • No worries! Please read the following knowledge base article which will explain how to perform the hiding or unhiding in bulk
  • Hint: the setting to look for in the bulk upload file is Hide Product
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