How Do I Define, Assign And View Product Groups ?

Step 1: Define A Product Group

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Product Groups rectangular button
  • This will take you to The Product Groups Settings Screen
  • Click on the + New button on the top right side of the taskbar.
  • Enter a group name in the Group Title box
  • Click on Save

Step 2: Assign A Product Group

  • Go To Products –> Products List
  • This will take you to the Products List Screen
  • Find the product you’d want to assign a product group to
  • Click on the Red Actions button
  • Click on Edit Product.
  • Under the Product Settings Tab, scroll down to the Product Grouping section
  • Click on the Product Group drop-down box
  • Select the product group name of your choice
  • Click on Save

Step 3: View Product Groups Financials

  • Go to any screen where you can find the “Group Statistics By” tab on top (e.g. Sales Statistics screen) and click on it.
  • In the popup window that appears on the right, click on the option labeled “Product Group” and then wait for the page to reload.
  • Now you can see all the information aggregated by product group, that is the sum of all the products belonging to a product group.
  • You can also see the product group a product belongs to on any of the product-related screens

Frustrated Selecting Product Groups For 1,000’s of Products?

  • In the Products List screen, click on the square in the Actions buttons of all products you want to assign the same product group to
  • Click on the Edit button which is in the column headings row
  • This will bring up the Edit Products screen, where you can assign the product group to all selected products simultaneously
  • Click on Save and the product group will be propagated to all the selected products in one go
  • And here’s a Godsend, How to bulk-update product groups in batch using an Excel sheet

Hints & Tips!

  • Product Groups are saved on the parent account, so their names are visible to all the guest users
    • But guest users will not be able to see the data for product groups that belong to marketplaces/accounts not assigned to them.
    • So if a guest does not have access to a marketplace, they will not be able to see data for product groups that are part of that marketplace, even though their names will appear on dropdown lists and such.

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