The Edit Product Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the menu: Products–> Products List
  • Find the product of your choice
  • Click on the Actions button
  • Select Edit Product from the drop down box

What is it for?

  • The Edit Product screen allows you to enter settings on a per-product basis.
  • These settings will guide SellerLegend’s behavior in different ways, as explained below and in further posts
  • The Edit Product screen contains three tabs:
    • The Inventory Tab
      • To set up restock lead times, minimum inventory on hand values, product MOQs, units in transit, sales velocities, inventory notifications rules
    • The Product Grouping Tab
      • To assign a product group to the product, or label the product with Tags
    • The Miscellaneous Tab

      • For promo recognition rules, Product VAT percentage, product sales notification rules
    • Click on any of the tab names above to be taken to the tab’s details

Hints And Tips!

  • For most of the settings in the Edit Product Screen, there is a system-wide default value which is specified in the Inventory Settings Screen
  • The system-wide values apply to all the products unless explicitly overridden by a feature-specific value in the Edit Product Screen
  • Whenever there is a value in the Edit Product Screen, it will override the corresponding system-wide value
  • Removing a settings value in the Edit Product Screen will result in the default system-wide value to be used again



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