SellerLegend VAT Available on Screens When Amazon Tax Is Not Available

  • On screens such as Products List, and widgets such as Product Financials Data, the taxes and VAT fields can be empty because there is no way for SellerLegend to get tax values from Amazon, unless an order has been shipped.
  • SellerLegend can now use its own VAT calculated values in places where Amazon-Tax isn’t available.
  • In other places where Amazon-Tax is only unavailable for a set period of time, SL-VAT will be temporarily used until amazon-taxes arrive (for instance, pending orders).
  • User can choose to give precedence to either SL-VAT or Amazon-Tax.
  • These settings are available in the Europe VAT settings screen.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Incorrect Search Results When Searching By Brand
    • For several accounts and in some circumstances, the Brand filter was not working.
    • It would show no data available even when the data contained the brand
    • The Affected screens included Inventory and Products List.
  • Fixed: Exported P&L report was showing Net ROI with a misplaced decimal point.
    • Decimal was being placed after the hundred place in the figure.
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