Notifications Settings For Staff and Main Account Now Segregated

  • Up til now, notifications settings would remain the same for main accounts, and the staff/guest accounts against them.
  • If a guest enabled/disabled a certain notification, it would also be enabled/disabled for all the other accounts as well, including the main account.
  • The notification settings have now been segregated such that each account has its own notification settings, and other accounts are not affected by any one user’s settings.


Notifications For Downloaded/Uploaded Reports Can Be Now Be Disabled

  • When users downloaded or uploaded a report, they would always be notified through email. This setting could not be turned off.
  • Notifications for both types of events (downloaded and upload) can now be turned on or off.
  • The emails to which to send notification emails to can also be edited.


Separate Notification Emails For Main and Guest Accounts

  • For each notification, a user can have a set of email addresses to send it to.
  • The set would remain the same for the main account as well all its guests.
  • Akin to how notification settings have been segregated, the set of email addresses is also now separate for each account. That is, guests can modify their email


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Occasionally Missing Product Data 
    • Amazon sometimes fails to make product data available in for some products through merchant listing reports
    • Fixed by fetching data from the Inventory reports, when that data isn’t available through merchant listings.
  • Fixed: Net ROI and Net Margin on P&L Report Prefixed with % Instead of $
    • Net ROI and Net Margin are expressed in percentages, not currency units.
    • In the downloaded Profit & Loss reports, they were being prefixed with ‘$’ instead of ‘%’.
    • Net ROI and Net Margin are now correctly shown with % when downloaded.


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