Why Would I Want To Use Customer Watchlists ?

The Concept Of WatchListing A Customer

  • Watchlisting a customer simply means
    • a) There is a customer of yours exhibiting a special behavior or subject to a specific condition, for example:
      • Maybe the customer has experienced poor service in the past, or
      • The customer has had a specific issue with a product, or
      • The customer is exceptionally loyal, or
      • The customer is actually a re-seller, or
      • The customer is influential in a sphere of business you are operating in, or
      • The customer has left an exceptionally bad review, or
      • Any condition you feel warrants tracking the sales from a customer
    • b) You want to record the specific condition or behavior pertaining to that customer
      • You, therefore, will assign the customer to a specific Watchlist which reflects the behavior or condition
      • The Watchlist name to which you assign the customer is totally arbitrary and will describe the condition or behavior, for example, you would have a Watchlist called ‘Super Loyal’, or ‘Suspected Reseller’, or ‘Charger Defect’
      • There is no limit to the number of Watchlists you can have
      • The same customer can be assigned to multiple Watchlists at a time
    • c) You want to be notified whenever the customer buys any product from you once that customer have been put on any Watchlist
      • Notification of a sale to a Watchlisted customer can be via the SellerLegend notifications channel, via email or via SMS.
      • Notifications will be triggered once per every new order after the customer was watchlisted and will cease once the customer is removed from the Watchlist
      • If the customer is Watchlisted in multiple Watchlists, SellerLegend will notify you once per Watchlist type per new order from that customer

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