Why Is There No Video Training?

Because …

  • Here’s The Challenge With Videos

    • You need to EITHER have a full-blown demo system with fake data OR you have to blur the confidential data on the screens of a real-life account.
    • You may not know this, but Amazon does not provide any facility to create and maintain test accounts with fake data. All SellerCentral accounts are live accounts and the only way to get sales data and therefore some test data is to … make the account live. Which then means it becomes a real account and we are back to square one in terms of confidential data.
    • Sellerlegend has a much wider set of confidential data than any other system, as we hold much more non-SellerCentral data which is business-sensitive. So, in the absence of a test system, most screens would be mostly blurred on training videos, which defeats the objective.
    • There is no single Seller account which contains all the data for all the use cases we deal with in SellerLegend.That means that we would need to call upon several of you and ‘borrow’ your accounts to produce videos. Not something we would want to do, given the potential liability should we by mistake, omission or distraction reveal any of your sensitive data. Besides, we doubt many of you would be ready to volunteer their account for these purposes 🙂
    • We are deploying new functionality virtually every couple of days and at least twice a week. Our screen layouts and screen interactions change regularly and videos would become stale very quickly. We make no apology for this and it should not be construed as a sign of system immaturity, but rather as a sign of above-average development productivity. This is not going to change going forward, we consider this development agility our hallmark and a major competitive advantage. The day we cease deploying new stuff is the day you’d be well advised to cancel your SellerLegend subscription.
  • Here’s What We Are Doing To Mitigate The Absence of Videos
    • We have applied and continue to apply SIGNIFICANT effort developing and maintaining the knowledge base. It is available here:

      See Our Knowledgebase Here

      The search facility is brilliant, the structure of the documentation quite usable and the article titles specifically designed to facilitate finding a solution to your challenges.

      Is it perfect? Certainly not. But if there are any deficiencies, you know we would address those as soon as you would notify us.

    • We are manning a support line at support@sellerlegend.com (and through the in-app Chat button) officially 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, and 12 hours per day on the weekend. Our response times are well below our competition and the detail of our support answers is way superior to what you get elsewhere.
    • Most, if not all of our screens, sport a question mark at the top right which will link to one or more knowledge base articles in context with the screen in question.


We hope this explains in some measure why we do not have videos. However, if you feel you can guide or assist us on how to overcome the hurdles we have explained above, please feel free to chip in.

As always, we are listening

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