Why Is My Inventory Data Sometimes Incongruent ?

Sometimes, the numbers in Total Inventory, Reserved Inventory, and Local Inventory may seem to have logical inconsistencies. Here’s why this sometimes happens:

  • The Local Inventory comes from the Multi-Country Inventory report, which shows near real-time data. That can mean that the report contains data that is from a few minutes to up to several hours old. How old that data is unknown, but it is less than 24 hours, as in such condition Amazon classifies a report as ‘Report Data 24 Hours Old’
  • The Reserved Quantity comes from the Reserved Inventory Report. Again, this is a Near Real-Time report, with the same limitations as above, and there is no guarantee that this report contains data which is in sync with the Local Inventory Report. Indeed one report could contain 2 hours old data while the other report could contain 6 minutes old data.
  • The Total Quantity comes from the Fulfillment Inventory API (ListInventorySupply) which contains Real-Time Data, however … if you have a gazillion and a half of products, downloading all your product data, given the speed limit imposed by Amazon, may take several minutes. Although for the  ‘common mortal’ seller, downloading his inventory data takes about 4-6 seconds tops.
  • So, with all this, could you have data inconsistencies? You bet.
  • However, rest assured that you have the latest possible data we (or you, or a SO competitor) could extract from Amazon. There is therefore not much that SellerLegend can do to correct these temporary inconsistencies.
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