Why Can I Only See 3 Months Of My Data?

Because You Are Still In Your Trial Period

  • For the 21-day free trial period, we only download the last 3 months of your account’s data.
  • Once your trial period is over and you are billed for the first time, SellerLegend will automatically download all your data (up to 18 months) of your Seller Central account(s).
  • If you want to expedite the process and download all your data before the end of the trial, you can
    • Click on the Account Profile button at the bottom left of your screen and in the drop down menu,
    • Click on Payments.
    • Once in the Payment Information screen, please click on the ‘Skip Trial Now‘ button.
  • This will charge your credit card immediately and will then commence the download of all the missing data.
  • Please note this will forfeit the unused portion of your trial period.
  • Also please note that while the additional data is downloaded, the latest orders download is stopped until all historical data has been onboarded. So the dashboards and order screens will temporarily cease to be updated.
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