What Personal Data Do you Hold About Me?

Did You See Our Privacy Policy?

You can find it here, and it details a lot of what you want to know


Did you want to know the details?

  • These are in our standard Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which you can request here
  • But here is the extract of the DPA which will be of interest:
    • The types of Controller Personal Data to be Processed
      • Personal Identification data: Controller Name, Company Name, Billing Address, email, Amazon buyers names and addresses, as well as latitude/longitude of such addresses, Controller’s guest accounts users name and email details.
      • Financial & Fiscal data: Controller’s tax identifiers, last 4 digits of credit card, credit card issuer location
      • Infrastructure data: devices IP addresses, security events data logs (login, log out, password changes), usage logs (all URLs of screens visited within the Processor’s application
    • The categories of Data Subject to whom the Controller Personal Data relates
      • The Controller him/herself
      • Clients of the Data Controller (Controller Amazon Buyers)
      • Employees of the Data Controller
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