The SellerLegend Affiliate Referral Program – FAQS

Let’s Cut To The Chase: How Much Will You Be Paying Me?

  • Our affiliate commission is 15 % of the basic subscription for the life of the subscription
  • That means that, if somebody you refer to us subscribes to an Enterprise subscription at $99.99, you will receive $99.99 at 15% or $15.00 every month that the subscription is active and duly paid.
  • Our basic subscriptions plans are as follows (excl. tax):
Subscription Level Subscription Monthly Cost Your Monthly Commission
Enterprise $99.99 $15.00
Professional $69.99 $10.50
Advanced $59.99 $9.00
Starter $49.99 $7.50

Can I Share Part Or All Of My Commission With The Referee?

  • Yes, You Can. You may elect to share with your referee either
    • Share all of your commission (all the referral commission is deducted from the SellerLegend subscription for your referee and you get no referral commission at all), OR
    • Share none of your commission (all the referral commission is paid to you and your referee gets no subscription discount), OR
    • Split the commission between yourself and the referee in a proportion of your choice.

What Is Not Subjected To Affiliate Commissions?

  • We do not pay commissions on
    • White labeling subscriptions
    • Agency subscriptions
    • Overage fees on orders above 50,000/mo or excess SKUs
    • Discounted subscriptions (i.e. Any subscription level not referred to in the subscription plan table above)
    • Frozen Account subscriptions
    • Any features which require a separate payment in addition to the standard plan subscription fee
    • Taxes on subscriptions. For example, an Enterprise subscription that incurs 20% VAT would be charged as $119.98, but the referral commission would only be paid on the base $99.99.
  • Commissions are paid for new members only. If a referral of yours has already used SellerLegend ever before, no commission is payable.

When Are Affiliate Commissions Paid?

  • Commissions are confirmed 30 days after the end of the free user trial. This means you are eligible for a commission, subject to conditions explained below.
  • Commissions are payable at the end of the month of confirmation.
  • For example, a user that joins on the 5th of June through one of your links will end his trial 21 days later, on the 26th of June.
  • The commission is confirmed 30 days later, on the 26th of July, and it is payable at month-end, on the 31st of July.
  • The 30-day delay is due to our 30-day refund policy, which says that a user can request a refund up to 30 days after the subscription charge is incurred. If a refund is requested by the referree, then the commission is no longer payable to you as we get no income from the refunded subscription.
  • This does NOT mean you lose the first month’s commission. It just gets deferred by 30 days. If a referral pays us 10 months of subscription, you will get 10 months of commission. The last commission will be 30 days after the end of the subscription.

How Are Affiliate Commissions Paid?

  • They are paid through PayPal
  • On signup to our affiliate program, you will be required to provide us with your PayPal email address
  • Alternatively, if you are a SellerLegend subscriber, we can credit you affiliate commissions to your SellerLegend subscription payment
    • On your SellerLegend subscription payment date
      • If your affiliate commission balance  is less than your SellerLegend subscription, your credit card will only be charged for the balance of the subscription payment
      • If your affiliate balance is more than your SellerLegend subscription, your credit card will not be charged for the SellerLegend subscription amount and payment will be taken from your affiliate commission balance instead. The remaining unused commission funds are still yours to collect, either via Paypal or by crediting your SellerLegend account for the next subscription payment

Where Do I Sign Up?

  • Please click on THIS LINK  and follow the instruction in this knowledge base ARTICLE.

Anything Else I Should Know?

  • Yes, there is. And it is all explained in our FULL Affiliate Referral Program Terms And Conditions HERE.





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