The Other Operating Expenses Settings Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu
    • Settings –> Operating Expenses

What is it for?

  • To define the periodicity of recurring business expenses
  • To assign business expenses to specific marketplaces
  • To assign expenses to specific products
  • To define one-time expenses
  • Expenses are deducted from your revenue and affect your profit
  • You can see the expenses as they are incurred in your settlement periods
  • Expenses are also reported on the overall and product dashboards

Tips And Tricks!

  • You can enter negative expenses if you want to reverse an invalid, duplicate or incongruous settlement period entry
  • A negative expense adds to your revenue and therefore inflates your profit

Screen Print



(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Description
    • Provide a description of the expense
  • Category
    • Enter a category of your choice
    • Categories are free-format
    • Expenses with the same category will be summarized on one line in the settlement periods
  • Product
    • If the expense is specifically attributable to a product (for example, product packaging design costs), enter the appropriate product here. If not, leave blank.
    • Enter any character(s) which can be found on either ASIN, SKU or internal name. A drop-down box with all possible candidate products containing those characters will be presented for you to chose from.
  • Account
    • If the expense is specifically attributable to a marketplace, enter the appropriate marketplace here. If not, leave blank.
  • Amount
    • Enter the amount of the expense
    • This needs to be expressed in the currency of the marketplace


  • Add Other Expenses
    • Clicking on the + button or the ‘Add Other Expenses’  button will add an empty expense line
  • Save
    • When you have entered all your expenses, or after each expense, clicking on the green Save button will commit the changes to that expense
  • Delete Expense
    • Clicking on the red dustbin button will delete the expense
  • View Incurred Expenses
    • Clicking on the blue dollar bill button will show all the already incurred expenses for this particular expense.
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