The Monthly Storage Fees Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu
    • Storage Fees—> Monthly Storage Fees

What is it for?

  • To see the monthly FBA storage fee for all products at a glance
  • Unit weight, dimensions and volume with current storage rates can be seen here as well
  • See the daily average quantity of the item at fulfillment centers and fulfillment center codes where the units are stored.
  • It also shows the average quantity of the pending removal orders.

Hints And Tips!

  • Monthly Storage Fees shown here is an estimate.
    • It’s calculated based on the total volume taken up by the product and the storage rate.
    • The total volume is estimated from the daily average quantity for the entire month.

Screen Print


  • Actions Button
    • Click on the Actions button to reveal links to
      • View This ASIN In Chart View
  • Product
    • Product Thumbnail
    • Clicking on the image will take you to the Product Dashboard for that product
  • SKU
    • The product’s SKU
  • ASIN
    • The product’s ASIN
    • Clicking on the ASIN will take you to your product’s listing on the Amazon catalog
    • SellerLegend uses the short URL version of your ASIN to take you to the product listing. Clicking on the ASIN, therefore, does not adversely impact your conversion rates.
    • The product’s FNSKU
  • Parent ASIN
    • The parent ASIN of the product.
  • Date
    • Shows the end day of the month for which the estimate applies
  • Avg Qty On Hand
    • Daily average volume for the item in fulfillment centers. This is equal to the inventory for the trailing month divided by the number of days in that month.
  • Avg Qty Pending Removal
    • Daily average volume for items for which removal was requested from fulfillment centers.
  • Est Total Item Volume
    • Average volume on hand, minus average volume pending removal, multiplied by the volume of the item
  • Est Monthly Storage Fee
    • Sum of all the storage fees across all fulfillment centers for this ASIN.
  • Longest Side
    • The dimensions of the longest side of a single unit of the item
  • Median Side
    • The dimensions of the side of a single unit of the item that is neither the longest nor the shortest.
  • Shortest Side
    • The dimensions of the shortest side of a single unit of the item
  • Measurement Units
    • Unit of measurement for the longest, median, and shortest sides of the item
  • Weight
    • The item’s weight used to identify its product-size tier.
  • Weight Units

    • Unit of measurement for the weight of the item
  • Item Volume
    • Item volume in cubic feet, which equals the longest side x median side x shortest side.
  • Product Size Tier
    • Classification of the item by its dimensions for purposes of calculating fees.
  • Storage Rate
    • Amount of the Monthly Inventory Storage Fee that will apply to this ASIN
  • FC IDs
    • The fulfillment center code where the units are stored

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