The Sales Transactions Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu
    • Sales–> Transactions

What is it for?

  • To see the detailed transactions passed by Amazon to maintain your financial account balance
  • This is the equivalent of the Payments Transaction View in SellerCentral
  • This screen is mainly to provide context and linkage from other SellerLegend screens
  • It is however also useful to find specific transactions types  which cannot be searched for in SellerCentral

Hints And Tips!

  • Use the filters against the transaction type field to see and download, for example:
    • All your FBA Inbound Transportation Fees
    • All your Refunds
    • All your disposal orders
    • All your PPC payments (if not charged through your credit card)
    • All your Long Term Storage Fees

Screen Print



(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Date
    • Financial Transaction Event Date
  • Amazon Order Id
    • If the type is Order or Refund, this field shows the Amazon Order Number
    • Clicking on the order number will land you on the SellerCentral page for the order
  • ASIN
    • The ASIN of the product related to the financial transaction
  • Type
    • The type of financial transaction
    • See list of some financial transactions types below
  • Charged
    • Amount charged for the financial transaction
  • Fees
    • Fees associated with the financial transaction
  • Total
    • The total amount relating to the financial transaction

Transaction Types

  • Here are some of the transaction types you can search for. This list is not exhaustive.
Bubblewrap Fee FBARemoval Fee Multichannel Order Lost Reversal Reimbursement
Chargeback FBAStorage Fee Order Service Fees
CReturn Wrong Item Fee Replacement Refund Items Pay With Amazon SIC Return Merchant Reimbursement
CSError Items Guarantee Claim Polybagging Fee Subscription
Debt Payment Inbound Carrier Damage Prepfee Refund Taping Fee
FBADisposal Fee Incorrect Fees Items Product Ads Payment Warehouse Damage
FBAInbound Convenience Fee Labeling Fee Refund Warehouse Damage Exception
FBAInbound Defect Fee Loan Advance Removal Order Damaged Warehouse Lost
FBAInbound Transportation Fee Missing From Inbound Removal Order Lost Warehouse Lost Manual
FBALong Term Storage Fee Multichannel Order Damaged Retrocharge

Other Hidden Columns

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