The Payment Settings Screen

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu : 
    • Settings –> Payments
  • From the drop-down list click on the Account Profile button, at the bottom left of any screen
    • Select Payments from the dropdown list

What is it for?

  • To view your current level of subscription, credit card information, payment status
  • To change credit card details, Skip Trial period, cancel your subscription or reinstate your subscription after cancellation

Screen Print


(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Subscription Details
    • Subscription Plan
      • Your current level of subscription plan
    • Card Last Four Digits
      • Last four digits of the credit card which is currently active
      • Note that your credit card is never handled by our website
      • Credit card management is handled by Stripe, a 3rd party, a world-renowned credit card processor
      • Stripe is fully PCI-DSS compliant
    • Card Brand
      • The brand of the currently active card (Amex, MasterCard, Visa …)
    • Status
      • Whether the account is active or inactive
    • Started On
      • The date at which your first subscription payment was debited from your debit/credit card
    •  Ending On
      • The date when your subscription will be ending
      • If the account is active and has not been canceled, this will say not show up.
      • If the account is active but has been canceled, this will show the date when the account will be closed
    •  Trial skipped On
      • The date when you skipped the trial and you were charged for the first time.
    •  Last Payment
      • Date last subscription payment was debited from your account
    • Cancel Subscription
      • Click on this button when you need to cancel your subscription
      • A very brief form will ask you for input as to how w could have made your experience better.
    • View Invoices
  • Payment Methods
    • Card
      •  Your card number last 4 digits.
    • Country
      • The country where the card was made.
    • Expiry
      • Expiry Date of your card.
    • Default
      • Default or not.
    • Add/Edit Card 
      • Click on this button to add the credit card details for a new card.
      • You may need to add or change your card details when your card expires or there is a payment problem with your current card.
      • You can set which card should be your default card
  • Recent Charges
    • Schedule at
      • The date at which your charge was scheduled.
    • Period Start
      • The start date of the charging period.
    • Period End
      • The end date of the charging period.
    • Amount
      • The amount charged for the period.
    • Payment Status
      • Whether payment was successful or not.
    • Paid
      • Paid or not paid.




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