How to Add/Update Credit Card Information

How To Get Here?

  • Open the Sidebar Menu
    • Go to Account Settings -> Payments
    • Scroll down to the Payment Methods section

What is it for?

  • Every SellerLegend user pays a monthly subscription fee which is charged from their credit card. This section allows users to provide their credit card information securely.
  • To allow SellerLegend users to manage multiple payment sources
  • To choose the default payment method for the account
  • To add/remove payment sources
  • To change your credit card details in situations including but not limited to the following:
    • Your credit card was stolen or used fraudulently
    • Your credit card expired and you received a replacement
    • Any other instance where your current credit card ceases to operate

Screen Print


  • Card
    • Shows the last four digits of your credit card number
  • Country
    • Shows the country where the card is issued
  • Expiry
    • Shows the expiry date of the card in mm/yyyy format.
  • Default
    • Shows if a credit card is the default payment method or not. Also provides a button to make a credit card default if it is not already.
  • Remove
    • Use this button to remove a credit card from your list of payment methods. Make sure you have at least one active credit card present as the payment method to avoid payment issues.
    • If you want to delete an old credit card, you first need to add a new card, mark it as default, and then delete the old card.
  • Add Card
    • Use this button to add a new credit card to your list of payment methods.
    • Provide the details of your new card in the popup that appears when you click on this button.
    • You will need to enter:
      1. The name on your credit card
      2. The credit card number
      3. The expiry date for the credit card
      4. Security code on the back of your credit card

Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

  • Please rest assured that your credit card details are safe when you use them on SellerLegend. We use Stripe, a reputable credit card processor. to handle all your payments.
  • We do not store your card details on our servers. In fact, the only thing we are allowed to see by Stripe is the last 4 digits of your credit card and the credit card scheme name (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
  • Your credit card details are encrypted during transmission and also when stored on the Stripe servers.
  • We are fully PCI DSS compliant.
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