How Does SellerLegend Determine The COGS For An Order ?

Matching Order Dates To Cost Periods

  • On the Orders screen, for every order item, you will see a column called ‘COGS‘.
  • This column represents the Cost Of Goods for that product at the time when the product order was placed.
  • For any given order, SellerLegend will take its ‘Order Date‘ and try and find a Cost Period which contains the order date.
  • A Cost Period is selected if the Order Date falls between the From Date and To Date of the Cost Period.
  • If such Cost Period is found, the Order COGS is set to the COGS within that Cost Period.
  • If there is no such Cost Period found, the Order COGS is set to 0.

Tips And Tricks !

  • The most recent Cost Period should have a To Date set to a few years beyond today’s date, to encompass all future orders.

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