How Do I View A Product Listing History?

Hints & Tips

  • Please note that listing history starts from the day you joined SellerLegend

How to

  • From Menu, go to Products->Products List
  • From the Products List, find the product you want to review the listing change history
  • From the chosen product, click on the Actions button and select Listing History
  • If there is more than the current listing version, you will be taken to a before/after split-screen view
  • The right pane will show the current listing and the left pane will show the previous version of the listing
  • The textual differences are highlighted in green on the After (right) pane and in red in the Before (left) pane.
  • If there are earlier listing versions of the product listing, a Previous/Next combination of navigation buttons will appear at the top right of the screen.
  • Clicking on one of these buttons will slide the panes to show a chronological view of changes
  • The chronological direction is dictated by which navigation button is pressed. (Previous = earlier version, Next = more recent version)
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