How Do I Get Help?

Via Context Sensitive Help

  • Nearly every screen has a white question mark icon at the top right of the screen
  • Clicking on the question mark will either directly take you to the Knowledge Base article which is specific to the page you are on
  • Or it will show you a list of articles for you to select from
  • Click here to be directed to the Knowledge Base home page

Via The In-App Support Bubble

  • Within the sellerLegend application, you always have access to the Support Bubble
  • The bubble is at the bottom right of every screen
  • Just type your question in the bubble and attach any file which may be of assistance to respond to your query
  • Depending on how busy the support lines are, you will receive an interactive response or your query will be answered by email
  • Please note our Support Service Level Agreement 

Via email

  • If you are now within the App and cannot access the context sensitive help or the in-app bubble, please drop us a line at
  • Please note our Support Service Level Agreement 

Granting Access Permission To Your SellerLegend Account

  • Our Support procedures dictate that Support Personnel are not allowed to login to your SellerLegend account without your permission
  • If we need to login to your account to handle your query, the support agent will specifically request your permission first
  • In order to speed up problem resolution, it is advisable that you grant us permission within your first contact with us
  • If you are uncomfortable granting us permission, we will do our utmost to guess what the issue may be and guide you through trial and error
  • In some circumstances, we may be unable to fix your issue unless we have access to your account
  • We will NEVER ask you for your SellerCentral credentials


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