How Do I Extend or Reauthorize SellerLegend’s Seller Partner/Advertising API Access

Extending/Reauthorizing Expired Seller Partner/Advertising API Access Permissions

  • Amazon now requires an annual review of third-party software authorizations
  • If you fail to renew the SellerLegend authorization to access your SellerCentral data on a yearly basis, we will not be able to continue updating your SellerLegend account
  • To ensure the ongoing healthy connection between SellerCentral and SellerLegend, please follow this procedure:
    • Log in to your SellerLegend account
    • Navigate to Account Settings under the Main Menu
    • Click on the Connections tab

      • In the Connections screen, you should see the list of all your onboarded marketplaces and PPC accounts.
      • Click on the “Reconnect” button next to the marketplace whose API access you want to renew.

      • Doing so will take you to the following screen:


      • Check the tickbox and then click on the Confirm button to reauthorize access for SellerLegend.
  • Once you have re-authorized us, SellerLegend will automatically wake up and catch up with Amazon.
  • No data loss will result from a temporary revocation of access authority
  • You do not need to wait until your authorization has expired. Indeed, you can perform the above procedure at any time.
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