How Do I Bulk Edit / Export/ Import Other Operating Expenses?

Recommended Process For Operating Expenses Bulk Upload

  • Do you have 100’s of OOE’s and dread having to use the SellerLegend User Interface to tediously add each OOE individually?
  • Fear not, help is at hand!
  • Detailed instructions follow later, but here’s a short summary of the process we suggest you use to bulk-manage Product Settings:
    • Go to Settings and click on the Operating Expenses button.
    • On the Operating Expenses screen, select the Download OOE(↓) button
    • This will request and generate your current Other Operating Expenses Settings onto an Excel spreadsheet
    • Go to Reports-> Exported Reports and click on the Actions button next to the OOE report you just generated. Then click on download.
    • Open the exported file in Excel or other application which can read and update Excel files
    • Observe the sequence and structure of the exported file and read the rest of this article to gain a better understanding
    • In Excel or alike, amend/add/delete the OOE entries you wish to update and save the Excel file
    • Go back to Settings and select Operating Expenses
    • On the Operating Expenses screen, select the Upload OOE() button. Refer to the screenshot above.
    • In the modal screen which appears
      • Choose the account you want to upload the Operating Expenses for
      • Click on the Browse button and select the Excel file you have just updated and saved
      • Click on the Upload button
    • Go back to Reports-> Imported Reports and check for Upload error messages, if any
      • If the upload failed for any reason, click on the download button to see the detailed error messages
    • Correct the errors in the Excel file if necessary
    • Repeat the last 3 steps above (Upload, Check, Correct) until the OOE upload is accepted without any errors
    • Spot-check the outcome by verifying on SellerLegend a sample of the OOEs you modified with the bulk OOE management process

The Bulk Upload Excel File Format And Rules

  • You now know we will be using an Excel file to manage Other Operating Expenses. Let’s get the file format and rules explained first.
  • Do not attempt to follow this discussion unless you have mastered how OOE works in SellerLegend.
  • Please read the following articles first and familiarize yourself with the OOE management in SellerLegend
  • The Excel File Fields
    • Every row of the Excel file must respect the following format
Field Excel File Header Title Notes 
Serial No serial_no Mandatory – Automatically added
Product sku Optional – if the OOE is associated with an SKU
Account account Optional – this will upload to the chosen account
Description description Optional – describe the expense e.g SellerLegend Subscription
Category category optional – e.g Software Licenses
Amount amount Mandatory – any value acceptable
Provider start_date Mandatory – date format YYYY-MM-DD
Notes end_date Mandatory – any YYYY-MM-DD Value later than start_date
Repeats repeats Mandatory – should be one of the following: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
Repeat every frequency Optional – positive integer
days Optional – positive integer
  • The Excel File Rules
    • The Excel file must have a header row with the column titles as per the above table
    • You should respect the format of the file. Do not add or delete columns
    • Do not use any formulas in cells
    • Make sure dates are in the YYYY-MM-DD format (important)

Other Operating Expenses Bulk Upload Process Details

  • Read the following articles and familiarize yourself with the OOE management in SellerLegend
  • Once you understand how OOE works, select the Marketplace you want to manage Product Settings for from the Marketplace Selector
  • Go to the menu and select Settings –> Operating expenses
  • On the top right of the Operating expenses Screen, you will see the Upload OOE(↑) and Download OOE(↓) buttons. Refer to the screenshot above.
  • Click on Download OOE
  • You will see a green popup screen saying ‘A Request Has Been Submitted’
  • On the Menu, click on Reports –> Exported Reports
  • In the resulting list of reports, locate the report type Product Settings with the Request Made date corresponding to the time you requested the download which matches the file name which you have just imported
  • When the Status column shows DONE, click on the blue Download button
  • This will produce an Excel file with all your OOE and their current Settings
    • Open the file in Excel
    • Amend the Product Settings details in the Excel file according to your needs
      • All the mandatory fields will be pre-populated for you, you just need to enter the appropriate OOE
    • Save the updated file.
  • On the Menu, go back to Settings –> Operating expenses
  • Click on the Upload OOE() button
  • In the resulting dialogue box
    • Make sure to choose the correct Marketplace Account to upload the file to
    • Select the Excel file you just saved
    • Click on the Upload button
  • Once the Upload is completed, on the Menu, go to Reports –> Imported Reports
  • Check the outcome of your upload:
    • If the Status column shows DONE, the Excel file was imported without errors
    • If the Status column shows DONE_WITH_WARNINGS the Excel file contained errors
      •  Click on the Download button and open the exported Excel file.
        • Find any cells with a red triangle at the top left of the cell
        • Hover on the cell with the red triangle and an error message will appear
        • Correct the errors in the Excel file you are viewing
        • Once all errors have been corrected, save the Excel file
      • Repeat the Upload process with the Excel file you have just saved
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