How Do I Assign Tags To Products ?

What Are Product Tags?

  • A way to assign a classification to a product
  • Tags are searchable keywords associated with your product. Tags can help you find your product through your Products or Orders search, and you can also use them to create collections of products.
  • For example, you could assign all of last year’s season products a tag like ‘2015 Season’
  • This Tag assignment could cut across product brands if you wish (or even marketplaces)
  • By entering ‘2015 Season’ on the Omni-Search Bar (or using Filters, if your search requires more than one tag to be searched), you could display all of last year’s products on the Products screen, or the Orders for last year’s season products on the Orders Screen
  •  A product can have an unlimited number of product tags
  • Many products can carry the same tag

How Do I Assign Tags To Products?

  • Go to Products –> Products List
  • Locate the row of the product you want to assign a Tag to. You can use the Omni-Search box on the top left of the Task Bar to search for the product’s ASIN, for example.
  • Click on the Actions drop-down button and chose Edit  Product
  • Under the Product Settings tab, scroll down until you see the Product Grouping section.
  • In the Tags field, enter as many Tags as you wish. Tags are separated by commas or by tapping the enter key after the tag name has been entered.
  • Tags can be removed by clicking on the x at the end of the tag

Hints And Tips!

  • Tags are set at the account level.
    • If a guest does not have access to an account/marketplace, they will not be able to see tags for those account either.

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