How Do I Assign And Use Named Custom Date Periods ?

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu
    • Settings –> Time Periods

What is it for?

  • Say you have products that you see on a seasonal basis? Like for example you only sell scarfs in winter, because the last thing anybody needs is a scarf on a scarf during a heatwave!
  • So, to see how well you did during a certain period you can set a custom date range for that period avoiding the weary and repetitive procedure of selecting a certain date range again and again.

Tips and Tricks

  • Set this for seasonal periods e.g winter season to see how well you did
  • Set it for flash sales/large discounts

Screen Print

How To Add A Custom Time Period?

  • Step 1: Go to Settings and select Time Periods

  • Step 2: Click on the Plus + sign on the top right side of the screen
  • Step 3: Enter Name, From time To time.
  • Step 4: Click on the Save button

  • At this point, you are basically done, except waiting a while till it takes effect
  • Step 5: Once a Time period is created you can select that time period from the date range selector.

How do I use it?

That’s even easier:

  • Go to any screen e.g Sales Statistics
  • Click on the date range selector
  • Go to the bottom and click on the custom date range
  • You will see all the custom date ranges you have created along with the option to set a date range then and there
  • Select the custom date range you need and you will avoid doing it manually every time you need that specific range

Edit/Delete custom date range

  • Go to Settings->Time Periods
  • A list of all custom date ranges will appear
  • Find the date range you want to edit/delete and click on the Action button
  • You will find two options in the drop-down menu i.e Edit and Delete
  • Simply click on edit to change the name/time period of the custom date range you want
  • Or click delete to remove a custom date range
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