FAQ About The SellerLegend Facebook Group

About Our FaceBook User Group – Frequent Questions

Do You Have A FB Group?

  • Yes, we do. Confusingly, the group is called *SellerOracle*, which is the original name of the system, which was later changed to SellerLegend.

What Is The Purpose Of the FaceBook Group?

  • The FaceBook group is geared towards discussing the future direction of SellerLegend
  • It is also a forum where we pre-announce new features and discuss newly released features so that we get feedback and can improve them
  • The group gives seasoned users the opportunity to comment on, and influence, the application design.
  • The group is constituted by 200+ members. These are regular subscribers who have been using SellerLegend for at least 6 months and who have expressed a desire to help us develop the system.
  • The group members are told what features are coming and which new developments have been silently deployed. We then leave the members to exercise the new functionality and let them suggest refinements and improvements.
  • It is only when the new features have been extensively exercised in real life and have matured into robust solutions that we make these features available to everyone else and write the knowledge base articles explaining how these work.

Sounds Good, How can I Join?

  • Access to the group is by invitation only and is strictly limited to SellerLegend subscribers who have at least 6 months experience on the platform.

Why Do I Need 6 Months Of Experience With SellerLegend To Join?

  • The intention is to prevent newcomers from using Facebook as the method of obtaining help.
  • This is because it is impossible for us to maintain a log of all the questions and interventions with specific individuals on Facebook, and we would be unable to gauge the level of help these new users need.
  • For example let’s say you ask for help in the FB group, either via a post or via a direct message.
    • If we were to respond via FaceBook, the response would never be logged against your profile,
    • No-one in the SL support group would know¬†about your question.
    • There simply is no mechanism on FB to allow such tracking.
  • Instead, all newcomers are encouraged to contact us and to engage via the support line at support@sellerlegend.com or through the in-app chat button.
  • We have 6 operatives standing by to handle your support issues, and every issue is logged to your case history.
  • These operatives are trained to provide a correct answer to your queries, as opposed to your queries being addressed by opinions of subscribers in the FB group, which may or may not be correct.
  • The support system also provides us with your profile details, so before talking to you, we know who you are, when you joined, what account type you have, your support history and a lot of information an operative requires to personalize his/her response to you.
  • The FB group, being thereby devoid of support questions and only admitting people who have sufficient knowledge of the app, then becomes a much more productive environment.
  • The group is protected from the repetitive questions newbies often post, so when someone posts anything in the group, it is avidly read by the group members as they know their time reading the post won’t be wasted.

I Have Reached Or Exceeded 6 Months Of Usage, Yet I Still Haven’t Been Accepted In The Group?

  • We also have a strict rule that the group should not exceed around 200-220 members, so even when you are over the 6 months hurdle, there is usually a waiting list until someone leaves us and makes a seat available.
  • The limit allows us to use a Facebook feature only available to groups below 250 participants, whereby we can see which FB members have read the messages
  • We regularly monitor who does not read the posts, and if this happens consistently, the individual is removed from the group
  • This is how we make seats available for waitlisted members


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