Edit Product – Product Grouping Section

How To Get Here?

  • From the menu: Products–> Products List
  • Find the product of your choice
  • Click on the Actions button
  • Select Edit Product from the drop-down box
  • Under the Product Settings Tab, scroll down until you see the Product Grouping section.

What is it for?

  • Provide information which will allow group products with similar characteristics
  • Product Groups provide a one to one relationship: a product can only be part of one group
  • Product Tags provide a many to many relationships: a product can have many tags, the same tag can apply to many products
  • Settlement Periods can show financials consolidated by Product Groups
  • Filters on product screens can filter on any Product Tag

Hints And Tips!

  • You will need to define the distinct product groups first by using the Product Groups settings screen
  • Using tags in Filters allows you to show products with similarly tagged characteristics
  • You can only assign one Product Group to a product
  • You can assign many Product Tags to the same product
  • Product Groups are saved on the parent account, so their names are visible to all the guest users
    • But guest users will not be able to see the data for product groups that belong to marketplaces/accounts not assigned to them.
    • So if a guest does not have access to a marketplace, they will not be able to see data for product groups that are part of that marketplace, even thought their names will appear on dropdown lists and such.

Screen Print



(*) denotes features not yet implemented at the time of writing

  • Product Group
    • Clicking on the Product Group field will show a drop-down list of all the groups defined through the Product Groups Settings screen
    • Select the product group of your choice to assign to this particular product
    • Once a product has been assigned to a Product Group, the product participates in the financials for the product group, as shown in the Settlement Periods screen
    • If the desired product group is not on the list, you will need to define it first
    • Learn how to create Product Groups 
  • Tags
    • Tags are just labels that you assign to products to assign them specific business-related characteristics
    • In the example above, we have tagged the product with a set of labels that identify an obsolete, discontinued product
    • Click on the Tags box
    • Enter any keyword or sentence you want to tag the product with
    • Press the Tab key, the keyword or sentence is converted into a searchable product tag
    • You can remove product tags by clicking on the x at the top right of any tag

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