Do Amazon Fees Include EU VAT?

It Depends …

  • For pending orders, and while the order is in the pending state, the answer is no.
    • This is because during the pending stage, SellerLegend obtains the fees from the Amazon Fee Preview report, which does not contain VAT.
    • Please see the following Knowledge Base article for a full explanation.


  • For shipped orders, SellerLegend obtains the fees directly from Amazon’s financial transactions and they are exactly as charged.
  • Therefore:
    • If you are not VAT registered, these fees will contain VAT, as you are deemed to be a consumer and VAT on digital services is chargeable to consumers
    • If you are VAT registered, the fees won’t contain VAT as no VAT is chargeable on digital services to businesses, and the fact that you do have a VAT number qualifies you as a business.
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