Defining One-Time And Recurring Expenses

How To Get Here?

  • From the Menu
    • Settings –> Operating Expenses,

What is it for?

  • To tell SellerLegend how often an expense is incurred


  • You can enter future dated expenses and SellerLegend will start deducting expense amounts from the future dated entry
  • Please note that OOEs are cached for performance reasons, so it may take up to an hour after adding/updating OOEs and these being available in Settlement Periods
  • To edit an individual OOE, click on Actions -> Edit OOE
  • To add a new OOE, click on the + button located on the upper right corner of the screen, right beside the view manager button.

Screen Print

  • The following screens define the rules for the triggering on one-time and recurring expenses


  • One-time Only Expense
  • Daily Recurring Expense

  • Weekly Recurring Expense

  • Monthly Recurring Expense

  • Yearly Recurring Expense


  • Serial No
    • Tells you the number of the expense in the list of OOEs. Automatically inserted. Increments by one, as each new expense is added.
  • Description
    • Enter the description of the expense you are adding (required)
  • Category
    • Assign a category to the expense (not required)
  • Product
    • The product that this expense is related to (not required)
  • Repeats
    • Enter the frequency of the expense;
    • The options are Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Repeats Every
    • Enter the number of units (Days, Weeks, Months, Years) which defines the frequency
  • Repeats On
    • For daily expenses, specify which day of the week the expense is incurred
  • Starts On
    • Enter a start date when the expense was first incurred
  • Ends Never
    • Select this option for an ongoing expense
    • When you eventually want to stop the expense, update the expense to end on the desired date
  • Ends After an Occurrences
    • Enter the number of times the expense will be incurred
  • Ends On
    • Enter the end date for the expense


  • Once the expense has been defined, SellerLegend will automatically apply the expense and deduct the expense amount from your profits
  • You can see the negative effect of the expense on profits when you visit the Settlement Periods screen as well as the sales dashboards


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